The Hahnemannian Homoeopathic Sandesh

The Hahnemannian Homoeopathic Sandesh, a store house of various case studies, wonderful articles and informative blogs written by learned professionals of the field, had been a monthly Homoeopathic magazine published by Delhi Homoeopathic Medical Association (DHMA) since 1952 but due to certain unavoidable reasons, it was withdrawn in 2003 unfortunately.

To continue the legacy, association planned to launch the much requested journal in the form of a Peer Reviewed Online Biannual Journal on the auspicious occasion of “World Homoeopathy Day 10th April 2022”; the 267th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann.

DHMA invites original blogs and articles from Homeopathic practitioners across the globe, twice a year and publish the work after thorough review by experienced and learned editorial board.

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