About Dr. V. P. Singh

It is Dr. V. P. Singh. I have completed my graduation(B.H.M.S) from Agra University in 1987. I rendred my services to Homoeopathy on the medical college level as president of student union then struggled for the upgradation of deploma to degree from Lucknow to Agra (Board & University for Homoeopathy & got success. Served to D.H.M.A as an executive member, General Secretary from 1997 to 2005 then, got the blessing of the colleagues & Opportunity to serve D.H.M.A as Hony. President from 2007 to 2019 Jan continuesly. Nowadays it is my good luck to serve my Homoeopathic community as patron from January 2019 & I wish that D.H.M.A. Will touch the maximum height of progress with able team.